Viaje en Guatemala – Familiar

With all of the clients you must have to deal with you may not remember our itinerary. However, I did want to extend our thanks to the Clark Team for a very memorable and enjoyable visit to your Country. We had eleven days of travel and exploration of Guatemala and it was just such a wonderful experience. The whole journey ran like clockwork with all of the airport & hotel collections spot on and three very experienced and capable driver/guides taking us through the country. Here I want to mention Julio Nolberto Perez, Marco Antonio Garrido and Roel Contreras (Adventuras Mayas) -- I trust I have their names correct. Each of these guides were so knowledgeable and went out of their way to ensure we saw and experienced everything that was in the itinerary and more. We have much to tell our family and friends about our trip to Guatemala and some wonderful photos to keep the memory alive. With regards Keith & Barbara Kemp
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Viernes, Mayo 18, 2018





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